La Casa de los Soportales  

The Balconies

      One of the most attractive things of these lodgings is their location and views of the main square, which you can enjoy from the door and balconies. The main square was in the beginning on the outskirts of the town and there were celebrated cattle shows, a very fashionable thing those days. Not long afterwards it became the geographical city centre where took place a very different sorts of events: musical, cultural, religious and the most important ones bullfights.

The Tower
Panoramic Plaza Mayor
Fair of the book
Donkey Taxi
Chinchón's Passion
Chinchón's Passion
Plaza Mayor of night
Chincón's celebrations, popular confinements
Run of Bulls
Chincón's celebrations, it heaves
Run of Bulls
Regional Dances

The House
  El Gallinero
  El Tendido
  El Tabloncillo
The Balconies
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